Aviator Sunglasses - Women's

RAY-BAN 0RB3025 004/51 AVIATOR

RAY-BAN 0RB3025 004/51 AVIATOR

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Our Aviator Style Sunglasses Range for Women

Why do aviators look so cool? Because the coolest people in the world wore them first. Fighter pilots get closer to the sun than most and managed to find functional eyewear that led to a timeless style. Today, women's aviator sunglasses are a staple piece for any wardrobe.

We focus on relevant but timeless fashion at Florentine Eyewear, and we take our cues from the biggest brands in the fashion world. From Ray-Ban to Gucci, our tailored collection pulls the finest aviator style sunglasses for women available into one spot and delivers them at the best prices.

We recommend that you wear your aviators with activewear or everyday outfits, with your hair down to frame your face, creating an even bolder look for your already-cool shades. Pair them with solid colours and simple jewellery like a thin necklace or stud earrings. When you have shades that are this cool, you don't want to take anything away from your eyewear.

Shop our full collection below today and take advantage of our free shipping for all orders over $75. Every woman needs a pair of aviators in her accessory collection!