Size and Fitting Guide

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face is important for comfort and eye protection. Our guide helps you understand the best fit for your face!

1. Face Type

Sunglasses vary in shape and style, some suit some faces better than others. Having a comfortable pair of sunglasses allows easy daily use, essential is you are under the sun! Protecting your eyes relies not only on the quality of the lens but how they cover your eyes, so it always best to have a pair that works well with your face shape. Here is the first step, understand your face shape!


Forehead and Jawline have similar dimensions. Sharp Jawline and ridge


Length is longer than width. Width of Cheekbones and forehead and larger than jawline. Soft Jaw angle


Face length is the largest. Cheekbones and jaw have similar dimensions. Pointy chin


Large Forehead, smaller cheekbones. Small jawline with a pointy chin


Wide cheekbones. Width and length of face are similar. Jaw angle is soft

2. Frame Size